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Talraen, August 11, 2009 12:22 PM (edited 8/11/09 8:22 AM)

Day 8: Joining the Fellowship

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Tags: Travelogue, Ultima VII: The Black Gate
We went directly to Batlin in the morning, giving him the news that the package had been safely delivered to Minoc. He then sent us on another errand, this time to retrieve some Fellowship gold that had been left in a chest in Dungeon Destard for safekeeping. He assured us that the dungeon was deserted, a claim I was immediately suspicious of, and for good reason. Deserted by humans, perhaps, but well populated by dragons.

In order to get there, we rode south to Trinsic, dropping off our carriage at the stables while we were there. The dungeon had two entrances, and we first entered the nearer of the two. Within we met a unicorn named Lasher, who seemed quite angry with his role as a virgin detector (and thus, destroyer of countless marriages). He informed us that a group was looking for him in the dungeon for this very reason, and to tell them not to bother. What he didn't know was that it was a man, not a woman, seeking to prove his virginity this time. In any case, we found no Fellowship gold in the cavern, so we headed for the west entrance, deeper in the mountains.

It wasn't long before we found the chest Batlin had mentioned, marked as he told us it would be with two Fellowship medallions and a Fellowship staff - as well as a body. A pair of fierce dragons guarded the area, and to add insult the injury, the chest didn't actually have any gold in it. It didn't seem like an attempt to kill me, but rather to dissuade me from joining, perhaps. Suddenly I wondered exactly what had been in the box I took to Elynor.

The trip proved worth the effort in the end, because we were low on funds, and dragons hoard riches - and Destard was full of them. We slew as many as we could, and when we grew tired, we Recalled back to Britain. Once back, we explained the situation to Batlin, who manage to seem surprised at what had happened. But when I confirmed that I still wanted to join, he told us to return at the meeting tonight. It was still a long way off, but our trip to Destard had inspired us. We would need both money and powerful artifacts to complete our quest, and what better way to find both than to delve the dungeons of Britannia?

First, though, we returned to New Magincia. We had intended to return Alagner's notebook, but what we found there made me immediately regret wasting time joining the Fellowship. The good sage had been murdered, just like Christopher before him, and the Guardian's taunts made it clear that he was the one buying the notebook's information from the Wisps. Perhaps the Fellowship needed to know exactly how much Alagner knew before offing him. They were apparently not familiar with Alagner's other works, because they hadn't done anything about the special crystal ball he had designed to record the previous days' events. Looking into it, for the first time we saw our quarry: a pirate that was clearly Hook, the wingless gargoyle Forskis, and a man and a woman we could only assume were Elizabeth and Abraham. Now, this had become personal.

Still, there was nothing we could do without continuing our quest, so we took off on our flying carpet to visit the many dungeons and steel ourselves for the task ahead. With new provisions, spells, and reagents in hand, we returned to clear out the remainder of Dungeon Destard, then visited the ruins of Stonegate, finding powerful magic weapons on both trips. We also visited the mountain prison that had become the Dungeon Wrong, defeating a vile liche and a powerful mage with a laboratory in the dungeon. By then, it was time to return to Britain.

The Fellowship meeting was a long affair, with all of its members speaking about how the Fellowship helped them, and Batlin preaching its virtues. My companions implored me not to join, and while I agreed with their concerns on some level, I knew it had to be done. To keep up appearances, I began wearing my new Fellowship Medallion immediately. We sailed for the Meditation Retreat, but the gatekeeper was asleep by the time we got there. We camped outside the gates, like good little Fellowship sheep. Today I have joined the Guardian's organization, and tomorrow we strike it another blow.
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