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Talraen, August 12, 2009 12:26 PM (edited 8/12/09 8:26 AM)

Day 9: The Cube

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Tags: Travelogue, Ultima VII: The Black Gate
We were welcomed into the Meditation Retreat in the morning, and told the only rule while we were there: do not enter the cavern behind the Retreat. Naturally, we did so as soon as the gatekeeper was out of sight. Unlike the dungeons that contained the Sphere and Tetrahedron, this was a simple cave, with no traps or monsters to stop us. There were however two humans. The first, my old friend Gorn, had come here following a voice in his head which he believed to be of his own god, Brom. I asked him to come further to find the source of the voice, but the Guardian spoke to him, telling him not to trust us, so we moved on. Gorn can be a little hot-headed, and I didn't want to provoke him. Further in, we met a Fellowship guardswoman who demanded we leave. When we refused, she attacked us, but outnumbered six to one, she never had a chance.

Finally we came upon the Cube, but like the Sphere before it, it had its own defenses. The nearer we came to the device, the louder the ringing in our ears, and before long it seemed that to take another step would split our heads open. We contacted the Time Lord, who told us that we would need helmets fashioned out of the mineral Caddellite, which we could learn more about from Brion in the observatory in Moonglow.

We Marked the Stone of Valor, and Recalled to Moonglow to speak to Brion. He told us that Caddellite was only found in meteorites, and that one had destroyed the ancient island of Ambrosia. His brother at the Lycaeum knew more about Ambrosia, and we learned that it was a lost island in the northeastern sea. We Recalled to Britain and set sail immediately.

Ambrosia was a strange place. There was a small tower in the middle of the bay the crescent-shaped island formed, though it was magically sealed and some sort of anti-magic field prevented us from unlocking it. We landed nearby, only to be set upon by pirates. Eventually we found a cavern, as well as a childlike fairy who was more trouble than she was worth. The cavern was not large, and before long we had discovered the Caddellite. However, it was guarded by a vicious three-headed hydra, who after much deliberation amongst its heads, decided to attack us. It was a fierce battle, but we emerged victorious, and took the Caddellite. We sailed to Minoc, where the blacksmith Zorn was able to make our helmets. We Marked a stone so we could return to the ship, and Recalled to the Cube.

The internal defenses of the Cube were the most devious yet. A strange series of platforms and invisible obstacles, with traps liberally distributed amongst them, wasn't enough. I also had to deal with the Guardian taunting me and giving me false clues. But the quest was well worth it, for with its destruction, not only would the Guardian lose much of his influence over the Fellowship, the small Cube we retrieved from the wreckage would give us quite a bit of influence over them. The Time Lord bade us return to Buccaneer's Den, but if this Cube would force the truth out of Fellowship leaders, I had a few questions I wanted to ask.

We began by Recalling to Britain and speaking to Batlin. Sensing that we had the cube, he vanished without a trace. We next made for Minoc to drop off some extra supplies at the ship, and Elynor confirmed that she knew about the gypsy murders. The story was similar in Trinsic, where Klog was all too happy to fill us in on why Christopher was killed, and even revealed that the Black Gate itself was being constructed on the Isle of the Avatar. I have to admit, I really like this Cube.

From there we took our magic carpet back to Buccaneer's Den. The Fellowship branch leader, Danag, told us of secret passages on the island, and suggested we get the key from the guard in the House of Games. He also said that Elizabeth and Abraham had moved on to the Isle of the Avatar. The guard was happy to oblige, and we finally entered Hook's hideout. While he was not present, we were able to find many clues, including a hit list of all the murdered victims (with myself and Lord British as the remaining names), and instructions to set sail for the Isle of the Avatar. We found several powerful weapons, including a massive juggernaut hammer that Dupre was all too happy to take.

Exploring the rest of the caverns, we stumbled upon the Fellowship's private prison and torture chamber. There were two prisoners being held. One was Alagner's apprentice, who had been gathering information for Alagner's notebook. The other was Sullivan, called the Trickster, who had been impersonating me and robbing shopkeepers across the land. He told me that he had once been a ranking Fellowship member, but had concluded that when the Guardian came he would simply destroy everyone rather than prop up the Fellowship as rulers, and therefore decided to take what he could from the Fellowship before they all died.

Learning all we could, our path was clear. We had found Hook's "Black Gate Key," which Danag told us would unlock the caverns on the Isle of the Avatar. We held all the cards, but we would only have one chance to destroy the Black Gate. It was time to make our final preparations.
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