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Talraen, August 13, 2009 4:52 AM (edited 8/13/09 12:52 AM)

Final Day: This is MY Island

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Tags: Travelogue, Ultima VII: The Black Gate
It is over. The Black Gate has been destroyed. Hook, Elizabeth, Abraham, and the gargoyle Forskis lie dead. I am sorry to say that Batlin managed to escape. Where he fled to, we do not know, but we mean to find him and prevent him from causing any more harm.

It grieved me to see the Isle of the Avatar so corrupted by the Guardian. The Fellowship had converted what was once known as the Dungeon Hythloth into a well-defended hideout. It was filled with devious traps, vile liches, and even a dragon who seemed not to care whether its dinner was a member of the Fellowship or not. Yet none of those things were as upsetting as the Fellowship members living in the caverns. Thoroughly brainwashed, every man, woman, and child attacked us on sight. I found it surprising just how many wingless gargoyles they had enlisted to their cause, though I suppose the racial tensions between the winged and wingless gargoyles I had seen in Terfin should have prepared me.

But the Fellowship is no more. Shown their true nature, Lord British did not hesitate to disband the organization. Yet most of its members were innocent. I can only hope that they too understand when told the truth. I don't know what will be done with the leaders who were aware of the Guardian's plot, though I imagine they will be arrested and tried for crimes against Britannia.

My quest in Britannia is complete, but for the first time, I have no means to return home to Earth. The Guardian taunted me, wanting me to use the Black Gate to return home and abandon Britannia, but he was a fool if he thought I would hesitate. Britannia may have forgotten the Eight Virtues, but I have not. But with the Moongates destroyed, and the next planetary alignment not due for 800 years, I will have to make Britannia my home. The expedition to the Serpent Isle will take my mind off things, surely, but I don't know where I will go from there.

This journal has come to a close. Britannia is safe again, at least for now. For the first time I will be here to protect it immediately should it become threatened again.
Some Extra Background – August 13, 2009 5:02 AM (edited 8/13/09 1:02 AM)
Talraen (2373 posts) Doesn't Play with Others
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As I mentioned elsewhere, this blog post is labeled "final day" because it's not actually day 10, it's day 13. Day 10 and part of day 11 were actually spent solving the expansion on the Isle of Fire, while the rest of the time was spent delving dungeons and gathering supplies. In other words, really uninteresting stuff.

The one exception to the "uninteresting" part is the Test of Courage on the Isle of Fire. Truth be told, I could probably have done a decent blog post on the expansion, it just seemed weird to say "It's time to stop the Guardian - but first, I'll spend two days doing something else entirely!" However, starting Serpent Isle, I realized that there is a major plot point on the Isle of Fire which is very important later, and which I've completely glossed over here: the Black Sword. For that reason, I'm going to summarize what it is and where you get it here.

There are three tests on the Isle of Fire, for the three principles (Truth, Love, and Courage). The Test of Courage was invaded by a powerful dragon, and when you defeat it, it informs you that only a truly powerful artifact can actually kill it. You end up leaving, searching for such an artifact. The mage in the Castle of Fire, Erethian, suggests that you finish a sword he began forging, made from an alloy of blackrock, and use that. You do so, but the sword is far too heavy and unwieldy to actually use.

This is the part where it gets interesting. The dragon also gives you a small gem, called the Ether Gem. The daemon Arcadion, who has been trapped in a mirror for quite some time, wants you to use it to "release" him. Erethian tells you that it would actually just trap him in the gem, which it does. But Arcadion (in the gem) suggests bonding himself with the sword, which makes it a usable, and incredibly powerful, weapon. This is the Black Sword, which is among the items the Avatar brings to the Serpent Isle, and which has an important role to play there.

There is no Mythril Sword in Elfheim
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