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Talraen, August 17, 2009 1:24 PM (edited 8/17/09 9:24 AM)

Preparing for the Journey

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Tags: Travelogue, Ultima VII Part 2: Serpent Isle
It has been a year and a half since the Black Gate was destroyed, but it seems my work in Britannia is not done. After so many long months, Lord British's men have finally managed to determine where Batlin has fled. The Guardian left him instructions to travel to a place called the "Serpent Isle." Iolo is most worried, as that is the very land his wife Gwenno traveled to before I arrived in Britannia.

From what we can ascertain, the Serpent Isle is reached by sailing through ancient serpent-entwined pillars far in the north sea. Exactly what lies beyond the pillars is unknown, as none who have visited have thus far managed to return to Britannia. Nonetheless, an expedition will be leaving tomorrow, with myself at the helm. Accompanying me are my stalwart companions Shamino, Dupre, and of course, Iolo.

For the first time that I can remember, I set off on a quest well-prepared. Lord British has provided a full suit of the finest magic armor in the land, along with a magical glass sword, a spellbook, and other basic supplies. Though we do not know whether the Guardian's new plan would once again involve blackrock, I am bringing Rudyom's Wand with me, just in case. I of course still have the Black Sword, with the daemon Arcadion trapped inside - even if he would let me, it seemed imprudent to leave him in the hands of others. Finally, I have brought the spiral serpent made of blackrock that was discovered in my previous encounter with the guardian, as I have been told I will have need of it soon.

My companions are bringing magic items of their own. Lord British has enchanted a powerful shield for Dupre, and entrusted him with a magebane sword which will surely come in handy. The ranger Shamino has a magic bow and a healthy supply of burst arrows that will ensure that we are no easy prey at range. Iolo required only a simple crossbow and a lute to keep us entertained on the journey. It has been quite some time since I have heard him practice his bardic art on one of our adventures.

While we know very little about the Serpent Isle, what we do know is contained in a strange tome Lord British's men found, though they could not explain where it had come from. This book, written by a mage named Erstam who fled Britannia shortly after the destruction of Exodus, tells us that the Serpent Isle has been settled by inhabitants of old Sosaria, who seemed quite unhappy with the rule of good Lord British. It tells us of three major cities, as well as an ancient and fallen civilization that worshiped serpents (the ruins of which led to the name "Serpent Isle"). From what we can tell, it seems a land not unlike Britannia, though perhaps somewhat colder.

Our preparations are complete, and we sail at first light tomorrow. With any luck we will have apprehended Batlin and found Gwenno before the week is out. Whatever the Guardian is planning, we will put a stop to it.
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