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(Well of Ascension) Fate of the Lord Ruler's Companions

(Well of Ascension) Fate of the Lord Ruler's Companions – January 31, 2008 8:09 PM (edited 1/31/08 3:09 PM)
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After finishing Mistborn and WoA, I've begun re-reading Mistborn. Hopefully this question isn't made clear in the text, though I'm not sure how it could be, since it involves the events of the first book but knowledge from the second.

Now, clearly the Lord Ruler's immortality was not a byproduct of using the Well of Ascension, but rather his ability to use Allomancy as well as Feruchemy. Further, we can guess from the end of WoA that the bits of metal in the pottery (or whatever) found near the well are what make people allomancers. And we can also guess that there were a bunch of these, and the Lord Ruler gave them to his supporters, who became the initial nobility for the world.

Now, the Lord Ruler has long made it a point to kill off all other Feruchemists, presumably so they won't discover (like he did) the potency of Allomancy + Feruchemy. But he was a Terris packman, and Feruchemy was supposed to be common among Terrismen at the time. Not only that, but he hated a lot of people, and I can't see him having a lot of non-Terris friends. So, were there any other Feruchemists at the Well with him, and if so, what happened to them? I doubt the Lord Ruler would have figured out the immortality trick right away - did he realize it and then kill them later? Did the Well's power somehow take care of this for him? Did he not have any Feruchemists with him?

I don't see how this could play into the third book, but who knows. It's not entirely clear how the Lord Ruler feels about the Terris people - his own people - from the books. The language spoken is a dialect of Terris, and he seemed to only want to kill the Feruchemists, but who knows. Maybe he hated his people for following the Hero of Ages. (Do we know whether he realized why he had to stop Alendi? That could change his perspective considerably, and explain why he kept his journal in a shrine.)

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