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Anyone use red-gate sql compare?

Anyone use red-gate sql compare? – May 7, 2008 11:50 PM (edited 5/7/08 7:50 PM)
zippy1981 (4 posts) The Wonder Squirrel
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Hey folks,

Does anyone out here use redgate sql compare as part of their job? I
found a bug of sorts, that's actually just a really unhelpful error
message. I told the support guy better error messages would make
customers happier, and reduce support requests, which saves them
money. He agreed, and said he would pass on my comments. However, he
said requests for better error messages are a common complaint from
both his support team and the customers. Therefore, I don't expect a
patched version of the software in a week. However, if I walk to the
sales drone that tries to sell me newer version of the software after
a handful of very similar bug reports that turn into similar feature
requests, I might get this feature implemented.

So if you guys use sqlcompare, please replicate the bug described
below. If you don't have time for this, but have a sql compare
license, I will write the bug report and feature request for you. I'll
be sure to write it in a different "voice" so I don't get caught.

BTW if you ever want to upgrade sqlcompare, ask for the price and
ignore the email for about a week. The price will come down.

Reproducing the bug:

Simply compare two databases that you are not sa or dbo for. The error
will look like the attached file. In my specific case I was db_reader
on the destination database.

Take a similar screenshoot and email it with a short message to Include your company name, and I am of course
assuming you have a legitimate license.



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