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Weekly main page polls

Collin (34 posts)
June 20, 2008 12:15 AM (edited 6/19/08 8:15 PM)
Note: please read from bottom to top =P

Collin (8:14 PM): I'll put into suggestion box now
Collin (8:14 PM): Yes good idea
Collin (8:14 PM): Should be a Poll of difficult questions updated weekly with results from previous week displayed for next week
Axlefoley (8:14 PM): well u could get creative
Axlefoley (8:13 PM): i see what u mean
Axlefoley (8:13 PM): Mariah Carrey or Jessica Alba
Collin (8:13 PM): Well it shouldn't be limited to "doing" people...
Axlefoley (8:13 PM): no like do this person or do that person
Collin (8:12 PM): Questions like that?
Collin (8:12 PM): You mean like what would you rather do if you were on an island with another person? Eat them or let them eat you?
robh92 (8:12 PM): Collin (8:08 PM): Brb, typ answer anyway
Axlefoley (8:11 PM): well?
Axlefoley (8:09 PM): what do u think
Axlefoley (8:09 PM): i got an idea about another forum, kind of like a who'd you rather with polls daily win sig - Veni Vidi Vici fool
- Collin: coiner of LOLing phrase
Talraen (2373 posts)
June 20, 2008 2:18 AM (edited 6/19/08 10:18 PM)
Forums are site-specific, and thus this should either be mentioned on the relevant site (the suggestion box is for all sites), or you could just ask an admin, in this case geedavey, because they make forums.

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