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How Should Level Rewards Be Named?

Poll Results (voting in this poll has ended)
Keep them like they are now, a simple "Level #"
40% 2 votes
Give them each unique names, but keep the level number on them (e.g., "Old Timer [20]")
40% 2 votes
Give them each unique names incorporating the numbers into them (e.g., "Mine Goes to 11")
0% 0 votes
Give them each unique names that don't necessarily include the level at all
20% 1 vote
TOTAL 100% 5 votes
How Should Level Rewards Be Named? – August 1, 2008 6:45 PM (edited 8/1/08 2:45 PM)
Talraen (2373 posts) Doesn't Play with Others
Rating: Not Rated
The original intent with the level rewards was to give them interesting names, but I never got around to doing this for a variety of reasons. However, I think it's time, so I figured I'd ask you guys what you'd like to see. I can see two ways to do this.

The first option is to leave them like they are now, or perhaps change them to a similar format (like "Level 1 User" or something)

The second option is to give each level a unique name. Now, the problem here is that if the names don't mention the level, it won't necessarily be clear whether one is higher than another. Like, say I used a fantasy novel theme - what would be higher, "Mistborn" or "Asha'man"? (Mistborn. But that's beside the point. Wink) Does this matter? I could always add the level as a parenthetical so you'd know what it was. Keep in mind you can hover over a reward name, which would tell you how many points the reward was for (if not the actual level number).

Alternately, I could try to come up with clever names incorporating the numbers, though I'm not very confident in my ability to do so.

Which brings me to another point: if I do start naming levels, do you guys have any suggestions for themes or actual names to use?

Re: How Should Level Rewards Be Named? – August 1, 2008 6:50 PM (edited 8/1/08 2:50 PM)
Balerion (1224 posts) Elite Powergamer
Rating: Not Rated
I think it should just be Level # because it feels like it fits more with the gaming theme of the site, feels like an RPG. It would be cool if we could pick our character classes though.

I really think the three “!”s really captures the exuberance that Clair must have been feeling when he almost said it. -Cuzzo
Re: How Should Level Rewards Be Named? – August 1, 2008 7:12 PM (edited 8/1/08 3:12 PM)
Cuzzdog (1522 posts) Head of Gamer Corner R&D
Rating: Not Rated
I say give it unique names, but not necessarily at each level. Much like an RPG, have class/job based level names, and every X levels, you get to upgrade your class. You could even make it fancy and as you level up, the name of your current job depends on which other types of rewards you have. So like, everyone starts out as foot soldier, and if you level up and have the The Vaarsuvius Award, you because a Student Wizard.

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