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Should I Keep Doing "Don't Forget The Lyrics"?

Poll Results (voting in this poll has ended)
Why not? I'm, at a minimum, mildly entertained by them
67% 4 votes
Nah, they're kind of boring
17% 1 vote
I make it a habit of not reading anything posted by Cuzzo, so I'm probably not even going to vote in this poll
17% 1 vote
TOTAL 100% 6 votes
Should I Keep Doing "Don't Forget The Lyrics"? – October 6, 2008 3:02 PM (edited 10/6/08 11:02 AM)
Cuzzdog (1522 posts) Head of Gamer Corner R&D
Rating: Not Rated
I've been doing Don't Forget the Lyrics for over a week now and I'm having fun with it. Are you? Let me know if you guys are enjoying this, or if I'm just futilely shouting into the void in an effort to create conversation.

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