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360 Gamer Tag

360 Gamer Tag – January 6, 2009 4:24 PM (edited 1/6/09 11:24 AM)
Cuzzdog (1522 posts) Head of Gamer Corner R&D
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Mine is: Cuzzdogg
Note the 2 g's at then end.

Re: 360 Gamer Tag – January 6, 2009 4:26 PM (edited 1/6/09 11:26 AM)
Talraen (2373 posts) Doesn't Play with Others
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I'm not sure we actually need a thread for this, what with gamertags not being 16-digit codes and there only being one code across all games and all. Just sayin'.

But mine is (wait for it) Talraen. Note that it's the same name I use for everything. Huzzah!

Re: 360 Gamer Tag – January 6, 2009 4:29 PM (edited 1/6/09 11:29 AM)
Cuzzdog (1522 posts) Head of Gamer Corner R&D
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Sure we do. I didn't know what Steve's name was, and anyone who gets a 360 in the future should note that "Cuzzdog" on live is not me. Besides, I'd like to see who else on these boards has a 360 besides me, Dowd, and Steve. Those all sound like good reasons to start this thread to me. Besides, last I checked, the going rate for having threads was pretty cheap Big Smile

Re: 360 Gamer Tag – January 6, 2009 4:43 PM (edited 1/6/09 11:43 AM)
Debonair (259 posts) Grand Poobah of Useless FF Knowledge
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mine is:
that was actually a random generation when i was trying to get a live id

Re: 360 Gamer Tag – January 18, 2009 12:38 AM (edited 1/17/09 7:38 PM)
xphacter (34 posts) Video Games Contributor
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xphacterzero Smile somoene took xphacter.....
Re: 360 Gamer Tag – October 3, 2009 1:48 PM (edited 10/3/09 9:48 AM)
Balerion (1224 posts) Elite Powergamer
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Ba1erion - note the 1 instead of an L

I really think the three “!”s really captures the exuberance that Clair must have been feeling when he almost said it. -Cuzzo
Re: 360 Gamer Tag – November 5, 2009 6:53 PM (edited 11/5/09 1:53 PM)
c0deblooded (28 posts) Canadian
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c0deblooded with a zero in the first spot

Re: 360 Gamer Tag – February 14, 2011 2:16 AM (edited 2/13/11 9:16 PM)
chaoscat (452 posts) Ambassador of Good Will
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So I've joined the ranks as well. tag is "not Napoleon" note the space and single caps letter.

Syllabic (4:14 PM): tozzi are you like dowd's jiminy cricket
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