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what I actually meant to say when I messaged you, "Sup?" the other day on facebook

what I actually meant to say when I messaged you, "Sup?" the other day on facebook – March 10, 2009 4:56 PM (edited 3/10/09 12:56 PM)
Airclair (1096 posts) Doesn't Play Well with Others
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Dear Person I Want to Know Better,

We met the other day, 3-5 days ago to be precise. I have waited just long enough to avoid any unpleasant thoughts that I have thought about this for more than 5 minutes, ostensibly because I meet people I find interesting and potentially potential all the time. This is not true, my high standards combined with the low moral character of most everyone in New York City combine to give me a rather dim view of humanity, let alone potential mates of the opposite sex.

I shan't bore you with more tripe, the crux of the matter is simply this -- I am interested in you. Not just what's in your pants, or your head, but rather what rests quietly behind those dark eyes. I want to peel back your cool exterior and have a look at what's inside, and find out if you are actually a good person or just a clever facsimile. Simply put, I want to risk disappointment and discover the person you really are, rather than the person you parade around about when you go out at night.

I wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time, and I think too much about most everything. Yet somehow, I'm still impulsive and never stodgy. I like to think of myself as an eternally curious optimist when it comes to people.

So there you are, that's what I actually meant to say when I messaged you, "Sup?" the other day on facebook. Because I am not some superficial shallow twat masquerading as a deep person who really cares, I am simply a person who actually cares trying to make his way in a world that can't imagine giving a shit about anyone else.

Maybe your friend,


I feel like I could clean this up a bit and make it really funny, but right now I'm just pissed at the world Smile

chaoscat (452 posts) Ambassador of Good Will
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I could be mistaken, but I think most people who message members of the opposite sex on facebook "sup" actually mean "wanna come over to my parent's basement and fuck?" or at least most guys who message girls. not too sure about the other way around, as there are no actual data to base an analysis on.

PS: also hating the world right now, but probably for different reasons.

Why in the world is your title "Ambassador of Good Will"? Is it some attempt at the Guiness Record for Irony?
Cuzzdog (1522 posts) Head of Gamer Corner R&D
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See, this is why Clair doesn't play well with others and Tozzi is the Ambassador of Good Will.

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