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Exalted: Bartitsu Martial Arts Tree

Exalted: Bartitsu Martial Arts Tree – April 28, 2010 3:46 PM (edited 4/28/10 4:12 PM)
Balerion (1224 posts) Elite Powergamer
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We'll do this in a few posts, here are the first three charms I came up with. Let me know what you guys think.

Weapons and Armor: Bartitsu treats attacks with walking sticks and Thrashing Sticks or Shillelaghs (their artifact versions) as unarmed. Bartitsu is incompatible with the use of armor.

Immaculate Garment Method
2m, Simple (3 ticks)
Min: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1
Keywords: Combo-OK
Prerequisites: none

The Bartitsuka knows that appearance is critical to a fight, both before and after. Used after a fight, this charm allows the martial artist to smooth out and clean their clothing making them look as pristine as they did before a fight. While the charm will not remove blood stains, it will artfully conceal them by folding the cloth of their clothing. Used before a fight this charm allows the martial artist to draw his walking stick as a free action and gives 2 dice to the join battle roll.

Mustache Twirling Prana
3m, Reflexive
Min: Martial Arts 4, Essence 1
Keywords: Combo-OK
Prerequisites: Immaculate Garment Method

The Bartitsuka conveys with every movement of his body that he is superior to his opponent. By simply sliding a finger across his mustache the Bartitsuka makes their opponent aware of the fruitlessness of their attack. Subtract the Martial Artist's essence in dice from an attack against them. In the unlikely event that a student of Bartitsu does not have a mustache they may substitute some other subtle gesture.

Bartitsu Form
6m, Simple
Min: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2
Keywords: Form Type
Prerequisites: Mustache Twirling Prana

Bartitsu is a style that uses two distinct forms of attack, from distance the martial artist strikes with their walking stick, when they close with their opponents they use grappling moves in order to subdue their foes. As a result, the Bartitsu Form allows the martial artists two distinct stances. Changing between the stances is a miscellaneous action with no defense value penalty (though it retains the dice pool penalty on other actions for the turn), but it may only be taken when the martial artist's defense value refreshes. Stowing or drawing their walking stick is considered a part of this action.

Cane form: The martial artist uses darting movements, able to strike their foe and retreat to their starting distance almost instantaneously. As a result they can make hand to hand martial arts attacks up to their Essence yards away (negating counterattacks unless the target has a means of following). The martial artist may choose to deal bashing or lethal damage with each attack. Finally, their attacks deal piercing damage as their walking sticks find the chinks in their foes armor.

Wrestling form: The martial artist closes with their foe and refuses to allow them room to maneuver. Damage from attacks against them is reduced by their Martial Arts score before soak as their foes do not have room to attack properly. They may make a reflexive grapple attempt against any foe that tries to flee. Lastly, their grapples deal lethal damage and do extra damage equal to their essence.

Aristocratic Arrogance Approach
3m, Reflexive
Min: Martial Arts 5, Essence 2
Keywords: Combo-OK
Prerequisites: Bartitsu Form

Deep in the Eastern forests there exists the Noble Baboon - a species of ape so named because it appears to be sneering in condescension at all times. The martial artists adopts a similar posture, understanding that any mind games their opponents' play are beneath them. Add their essence to the difficulty of any attempt at mental influence (natural or unnatural) or add a number of bonus dice equal to their essence to any one valor roll.

The Cane is Mightier than the Sword
4m, Reflexive
Min: Martial Arts 5, Essence 2
Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack
Prerequisites: Bartitsu Form

Bartitsu holds that the carrying of weapons is unfashionable in the extreme. An fight with an opponent so unfashionably equipped is therefore shameful to the Bartitsuka. In order to remedy this, Bartitsu practitioners train in the removal of such gauche accoutrements from the fight. Upon successfully blocking or dodging an attack the martial artist activates this charm and makes an immediate disarm attempt with a number of bonus successes equal to their essence. If successful, they may choose to place the weapon anywhere within (Martial Arts + Essence) yards of their opponent (e.g. in a tree, in a pile of horse droppings, under a cart, etc.).

Hat Catching Assault
5m, Reflexive
Min: Martial Arts 5, Essence 2
Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack
Prerequisites: Bartitsu Form

So named because the dexterity involved resembles that required to catch a hat blowing about on a windy day, this charm allows the martial artist to make an immediate clinch attempt after a hand to hand attack is made against them. Resolve this counterattack first and add the number of extra attack successes to the martial artist's defense value against the original attack when determining whether or not they are hit.

I really think the three “!”s really captures the exuberance that Clair must have been feeling when he almost said it. -Cuzzo
Re: Exalted: Bartitsu Martial Arts Tree – April 28, 2010 5:46 PM (edited 4/28/10 1:46 PM)
Cuzzdog (1522 posts) Head of Gamer Corner R&D
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Here's a couple of ideas for charms:

Using a cape or coat as a distraction/blinding/disarm action

Having the Victorian era's unshakable composure as a means of negating certain types of effects (such as fear)

Building off Mustache Twirling Prana - Have the Bartitsu master get some kind of bonus or give some kind of penalty to the attacker based on the damage they did this round. I'm picturing the charm being used after the character calmly delivers a series of embarrassing blows that shows how in control of the fight the character is. The bonus would be applied to either an intimidate to surrender kind of check, or a penalty to opponent's defense as your stoic calm enrages them.

Re: Exalted: Bartitsu Martial Arts Tree – April 28, 2010 8:10 PM (edited 4/28/10 4:10 PM)
Cuzzdog (1522 posts) Head of Gamer Corner R&D
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Another idea: I don't know if this should be one charm, or two that can be combo'd, but how about combining the wrestling aspects and the cane aspects by having a flip style take down, followed by using the cane to restrain the person on the ground?

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