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Introduction (Read this first)

Introduction (Read this first) – July 19, 2010 5:16 PM (edited 7/28/10 9:12 AM)
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This forum has been created for the development of the Campaign Suicide site. This site's primary purpose will be an chat room-style interface for running role playing games online. Further features are sure to be added over time, but the design of the site will be as modular as possible so something gets done quickly.

Aside from creating the site, my intent here is to have a fairly rigorous development process, with the Gamer Corner users as my test audience. I want to get as much feedback from you as possible to ensure that the site is the best it can be. While I'll be writing it with mostly newer code than the Four Light Engine this site runs on, much of the inspiration is drawn from what I've learned from this site's existing chat room. I'm not very likely to think "outside the box" much, so hopefully you guys will if you have any good ideas.

One thing I want to say up front is that you shouldn't be hesitant to give any feedback you think of. Many clients, which is in a way what you are on this project, tend to hold back talking about features at first because they don't want things to "get complicated." The truth is, development is much smoother if you start with a list of every possible feature you might want, then whittle it down, as opposed to getting something working then adding onto it. So go nuts. Even if something seems patently impossible, suggest it anyway, because you never know. At the very least, you might inspire a related, but more plausible idea.

EDIT: I want to make this crystal clear up front: this design will include NO SIGNIFICANT RULES INTEGRATION. This is not up for debate.

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