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Looking for Dyes

Looking for Dyes – September 29, 2010 12:26 PM (edited 9/29/10 8:26 AM)
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Each type of cloth and leather has its own set of dyes, and dying stuff is fun, so I want some dyes. The tier-1 materials (hemp and sheep leather) all have dyes that can be created with low-level Alchemy synths. If I can get my hands on the coloring materials, hopefully I can get Bill to make me some dyes. With that in mind, here are the materials I'm looking for:

For sheep leather, I need Slate-grey scale bugs and Taupe Scale Bugs. Both are obtainable through quarrying, though possibly only underground. Either recipe also requires linseed oil, which can be created from four flax. Flax is insanely expensive to NPC, but it does drop from some low-level mobs (like Gridanian fireflies).

On the cloth side, you guys probably can't help. Every recipe requires dyer's moss (as well as distilled water, which is cheap, and alumen, which is easy to get) - the issue is that dyer's moss appears to be obtained only through harvesting, which I believe I'm the only one doing. Still, if you get your hands on any Mole-brown Dyer's Moss, Lead-grey Dyer's Moss, or Sand-beige Dyer's Moss, please hang on to it for me.

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