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Towers of Midnight Reactions (spoilers ahoy!)

Towers of Midnight Reactions (spoilers ahoy!) – November 3, 2010 4:23 AM (edited 11/3/10 12:24 AM)
Talraen (2373 posts) Doesn't Play with Others
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So I finished book 13, and there's no one to really talk to about it, so here are my off-the-cuff, immediate reactions to various plotlines and such.

Graendal Lives
Definitely didn't see this one coming.

Mat vs. the Gholam
Totally badass, the first real "wow!" moment of the book. Also if this was a movie, this would be a perfect spot for a super cheesy one-liner.

Galad and Gawyn
Finally everyone knows Morgase is alive. Definitely a theme of things coming together and knowledge finally reaching the people it needs to reach in this book.

Perrin Forges Mjollnir
Totally fucking awesome, probably my favorite scene in the book for reasons I can't explain. I mean, it's fucking Mjollnir! Or whatever it's called, but come on. Just an awesome scene.

Perrin in General
Stole the show. Not because he was better than Mat, but because Mat's stuff (particularly in the Tower of Ghenjei) played out basically exactly as we expected.

Aviendha's Visions
Three letters: WTF. Great scene, but kind of randomly inserted and intensely depressing. And I don't even like the Aiel. I do find it amusing that Rand apparently has super babies. Aside from the Light losing, can this fate be avoided? Will Aviendha be driven to kill herself? (It seems the surest way to save her people.) And what was up with the random woman in the waste? Could this all be an elaborate ruse by the Forsaken?

Tower of Ghenjei
As I said, exactly what we've been expecting since book 11. Except for the whole ashandarei bit. Which was awesome, but the scene still just lacked oomph because there were no other surprises.

Mat's reunion with Perrin was hilarious. Good to see the good guys coming together again. Speaking of which...

Zen Rand
A lot of reviewers took issue here, but I am 100% in favor of the new Rand. Really the only issue I have is that it means Clair was totally right with his Lews Therin obsession. But whatever, it's cool. Rand Sedai indeed!

Rand is Ridiculous
Seriously, how powerful is this guy? He is fucking insane. Doesn't care about 26 Aes Sedai, doesn't care about tens of thousands of trollocs. He's a bit too awesome now, perhaps.

Gawyn, Finally Likable?
The jury's still out on this one, as everyone's least favorite emo swordsman was in full-on emo mode here. However, all that "he is the best swordsman EVAR" stuff paid off. That scene was totally badass.

Tel'aran'rhiod = The Matrix
As I said on the chat, it seems that Sanderson's destiny was to write fight scenes in tel'aran'rhiod. I mean, these are basically Mistborn fight scenes in the Wheel of Time. Perrin vs. Slayer was fantastic (can't wait for the rematch, a bit sad there has to be one), Perrin lecturing Egwene was priceless, Perrin stopping balefire was pretty much the awesomest thing ever. Seriously, Perrin, when did you become this cool?! Actual defeat of Mesaana seemed a bit meh, but I was reading pretty fast and don't really know if I took in the specifics anyway.

The Seanchan
I really figured there would be an alliance with them in this book. But not only was there none, Aviendha's visions make one seem like it will be only temporary at best. That scene sucked a lot of hope out of me. Is the world just fucked?

Verin's Letter
Agh! Torture! What a miscalculation by Verin. Too clever for her own good? I'd have to re-read TGS, but couldn't she have just given Mat a shorter deadline if she was going to come back in a day? Possibly a bit contrived.

Resolution in the Black Tower
I really wish we had some! I was pretty disappointed when the Moiraine plotline was the actual ending, though the epilogue was fantastic. Reminded me of the Way of Kings epilogue. But gah! The Black Tower! I was kind of expecting Rand to show up and be awesome again.

Agh! Still no idea who he is! I was certain for like thirty seconds that he was with the Borderlanders, but they had that crazy prophecy. Of course, it's so insanely specific that it could still be some crazy angle by Demandred after all. But probably not.

Rand's Dream
Wha...? There be some weird shit going down.

Graendal Killed Asmodean
I totally missed that Shaidar Haran's stuff about killing three Forsaken implied she was the killer, but it was also in the glossary. Expected, but what I really want is the explanation. Very anti-climactic to just know.

General Stuff
Sanderson isn't as subtle as Jordan, and it shows here. Loved how well things lined up in this book, but it was perhaps too convenient. Almost cheesy, and in any case not that fitting with how things usually go in this series. Except that always frustrated me, so I'm all for it.

There is no Mythril Sword in Elfheim
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