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Recent Reads – December 6, 2010 6:14 PM (edited 12/6/10 1:14 PM)
Balerion (1224 posts) Elite Powergamer
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So, the other day I recall having a pretty good conversation on the chat about what books each of us were reading lately and things others might want to look at. And I realized that out of all of it I could only remember one book that someone else recommended. I thought it might be nice to just have a recommendations thread available so that we could reference it easily. I know we've got the book reviews module, but I was thinking something a bit more casual than that.

So here are a few of mine:

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
This is the first book in a series (the second book is out, seven total are planned, each book so far has been self contained). It reads a bit like a fantasy version of Ocean's 11, the main characters are all thieves and the story mostly revolves around the con games they pull an the trouble they get in. A really fun read.

The Black Company by Glen Cook
This is a pretty large series, but has the benefit of already being written, and the publisher is reprinting them in 3 book compendiums for a pretty reasonable price (first book is $11 on Amazon right now). It's a really dark, gritty fantasy setting, where the main characters are members of an ancient mercenary company who get hired to work for the bad guys. While the fates of nations are absolutely at stake the story is told from a very personal perspective, which makes it a lot more down to earth than most fantasy.

The Wizard Knight by Gene Wolfe
This is a duology (I'd say book and sequel, but really it's two volumes of the same story) and is one of the harder to describe works I've ever read. It's a setting in which reality has 7 layers to it, and the denizens of each layer are basically gods to the layer below it.

The Uplift War by David Brin
There are two trilogies here. I've only read the first trilogy, but it had a pretty fascinating premise. When humanity finally meets aliens it turns out that Galactic culture is rich and vibrant and chock full of rules, mostly surrounding the process of taking a non-sentient species and giving it sentience (Uplift). Mankind is the first species in a very long time to not only have reached sentience on its own (or appear to), but also to have uplifted other races (chimps and dolphins) before making Galactic contact. Each book is its own self contained story, but the events of previous books impact the political setting of future books.

Old Man's War by John Scalzi
A "series" in much the same way that the Ender books are a series, Old Man's War is a setting in which people who grow old on Earth can opt to become part of the colonial fleet. They're outfitted with new bodies and go out to fight among the stars. It's a good read, though mostly just a fun action series.

I'm sure I'll think of more, but that should be enough to get the ball rolling.

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Re: Recent Reads – December 7, 2010 3:23 PM (edited 12/7/10 10:23 AM)
chaoscat (452 posts) Ambassador of Good Will
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I've been reading Cherryh's 'Fortress' series, but I would not recommend it to anyone who wasn't already a fan. I've been meaning to get to Wizard Knight for a while, I might pick that up soon. Stephenson's Quicksilver is next in my queue (and the rest of the series to follow).

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