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APFFRT 4 Round 1: (1) Final Fantasy VI vs. (32) Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

APFFRT 4 Round 1: (1) Final Fantasy VI vs. (32) Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – July 26, 2013 12:52 PM (edited 7/26/13 8:52 AM)
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In what I'm sure will be a running theme during this round, this is a matchup of a game someone (in this case, Draethor) has often told me to play against the kind of game I will generally play instead of anything new. FFVI is a tough matchup for anyone - that's why it's the 1 seed - but it is a bit of a slow burn. Crisis Core is an action game, and it may start off fast, which could give it the advantage. Of course, a 32-1 upset in the very first game would put even an arbitrary and pointless competition into question. Let's see what happens!

Game 1: Visuals
Crisis Core has pretty nice graphics by PSP standards, but they're rather boring. Midgar is not the most visually exciting place due to its drab nature, and the featureless corridors of Wutai aren't much of an improvement. The character design is also a bit lacking, since everything is trying to look like something out of FFVII, a game that basically predates textured polygons. With all that said, it's still a nice-looking game with nice basic animations and such. It gets the job done.

High definition does FF6 no favors. This is a game with a lot of shading that really only works when a CRT is blurring the pixels together. On modern hardware, it looks less like the masterpiece of the SNES era and more like a slightly improved FF4. Despite that, the character animations remain as wonderful as ever. The amount of life they managed to inject into these tiny sprites is hard to believe. Between Terra winking at Locke and Edgar (and them swooning), to Locke's over-the-top reaction to being called a thief, to the autocrossbow animation, this game looks about as good as a pixellated mess can.

Both games start off in fairly boring surroundings (Midgar and Narshe), so atmosphere isn't doing them any good. Crisis Core's graphics are nice but somehow sterile, while FF6's are overflowing with character. It would be hard not to give FF6 the nod here.
Final Fantasy VI leads 1-0

Game 2: Audio
Crisis Core's voice acting is basically on par with FFX's, and that's not a compliment. It's in English, but you can definitely see its Japanese roots. It does feel a bit like Advent Children, so at least they're consistent. As for the music, they're mostly going for FFVII nostalgia, which I really don't have. It's not low-grade midi, but it's not terribly inspired. The general mission exploration/combat music is just kind of... there.

Almost every theme in FF6 is memorable, if only because it hits me right in the nostalgia, but its battle music is among my least favorite in the series. Fortunately, the first half-hour also introduces a number of fantastic themes, including Locke's and Edgar's. These are memorable for a reason - because they are great.

This one is no contest. Ironically, FF6 might actually have suffered if it had voice acting, since the dialogue would likely have ended up as stilted as Crisis Core. But great music and passable sound design trumps boring music and middling voice acting any day of the week.
Final Fantasy VI leads 2-0

Game 3: Combat
Crisis Core's combat system is action-packed and fun. Basically you just spam X, while using the triggers to determine what X does. Dodging and blocking are also pretty easy to do and it's clear when they are useful. MP seems a bit limited, but that's likely just because it's the beginning of the game. There aren't a ton of options, but the game gets a lot out of what it gives you.

FF6's combat is necessarily boring early on, because the introduction of magic is a major plot point. They do give you magitek armor to spice things up a bit in the intro, but I have yet to run into a non-boss that can take more than one hit. FF6 would barely put up a fight, if not for the classic three-party battle with Locke and the Moogles. I'll never forget how cool that was when the game is new. However, this category is "combat," not nostalgia.

Multi-party battles are great, but Crisis Core makes combat interesting immediately, and without gimmicks. That's tough for an RPG to pull off... of course, Crisis Core is as much an action game as an RPG, but that doesn't change its combat superiority.
Final Fantasy VI leads 2-1

Game 4: Advancement
Crisis Core has perhaps the wackiest advancement system I've ever seen: it's all based on constantly spinning slot machines. You get materia and accessories as well, and your materia levels up, so I'm sure the customization is nice. It hasn't really become relevant so early in the game. The slots haven't yet given me a level, but they have given me a ton of random and powerful combat abilities which are fun. The only criticism I have is that I have no idea what's actually going on.

Advancement is one aspect of FF6 that is introduced late. Sure, I've gained a few levels, but I've gotten no new abilities or even gear. The most "advancement" I've had is moving from magitek armor to having Terra on her own, which is a step backwards.

Crisis Core's zany system certainly trumps no system at all. The series is now tied; could an upset be in the works?
Series tied 2-2

Game 5: Characters
Zack is the polar opposite of Cloud, to a somewhat annoying degree. He's so upbeat and full of energy that I kind of want to smack him. Sephiroth makes a cameo appearance as a training hologram, but the main secondary character is Angeal, who oscillates between being a blowhard and passing off bizarre nonsense as wisdom. I'm not really a fan, but at least he's not a one-note character. The lower-class SOLDIER who lectures Zack about paying attention might be my favorite character. It's clear he's exactly what Zack needs.

FF6 does a great job of establishing Locke and Edgar early on, and they are both great characters. Sure, Locke is basically just Han Solo (which is fitting since Wedge and Biggs Vicks accompany Terra at the start), but who doesn't like Han Solo? And in five minutes, Edgar is established as a clever king who knows how to play the game and has an over-inflated sense of his ability with the ladies. On the downside, Terra's angst reaches Cloud-like levels almost immediately. Sabin's minute-long intro also (unfairly) establishes him as a stupid, whiny wuss.

I can't decide if I want to smack Terra or Zack more, but Edgar and Locke easily beat Angeal and various anonymous SOLDIERs. Also, Kefka shows up and orders his minions to clean sand from his boots while walking in the desert. Crisis Core ain't touching that.
Final Fantasy VI leads 3-2

Game 6: World
So far I've seen parts of Midgar and Wutai, and neither has been particularly interesting. The intro is probably the coolest part, but it's literally the same intro as FFVII, so that leaves a bit to be desired. The paths both outside and inside Wutai are extremely boring, and they've tried to spice them up by filling them with tons of foes. That really doesn't work for me.

Narshe isn't visually interesting, but as snowy mining towns go, it's not bad. The mix of a network of caverns and the constant background presence of the Empire makes it a pretty good setting for an RPG. Figaro Castle, on the other hand, is totally sweet. Sure, it makes no sense that a castle can submerge in the desert and tunnel somewhere else, but Cloud's Zack's Angeal's Buster Sword doesn't make sense either. We don't play JRPGs to make sense, we play them to be cool - and Figaro Castle is as cool as castles get.

Wutai could have been interesting, but a series of corridorrs is not going to cut it against one of the best SNES RPGs of all time. So much for an upset!
Final Fantasy VI wins 4-2

Crisis Core never really had a chance. FF6 is not only one of the best RPGs of all time, it has perhaps the best first half-hour of any RPG. Between the Locke/Moogle battle, Locke in general, Kefka's introduction, and the Figaro Castle escape, it's absolutely loaded. FF6 may need to worry about its second-round matchup, though, because things cool off quite a bit in the immediate future, as I recall.

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There is no Mythril Sword in Elfheim
Cuzzdog (1522 posts) Head of Gamer Corner R&D
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ZOMG! FF6 won against a game I never heard of! I am shocked to my core by this turn of events.

But sarcastic comments above aside, I'm still counting this as strike 1 against you always picking the old school games over new games.

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