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So... What Will The Podcast Be About?

So... What Will The Podcast Be About? – January 13, 2007 4:45 PM (edited 1/13/07 11:45 AM)
Talraen (2373 posts) Doesn't Play with Others
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And here it is, the big thread where I need all you guys' help. What the hell are we going to talk about for an hour each week?

Now, to begin with, we need some rules of thumb. I don't think we should make any effort to "appeal to a wider audience" - this show is for the readers of Dowdnet, because they're the ones who'll listen. Besides, just being ourselves will make for a better show anyway, so if by some miracle we <i>did</i> attract further listeners we'll be better off anyway.

Second, some topics are off-limits: the standard issues of politics and religion are <i>right out</i>. Also, I think we ought to avoid talking about our personal lives, except insofar as it's topical or just funny. But this will not be some emo podcast (I'm talking to you, Clair! Wink ).

So, what <i>should</i> we talk about? Well, as I mentioned in the initial thread, I think we need some structure. While pretty much everything I've posted in this forum is subject to change, this is the main thing we need to hammer out (though keep in mind the show format will always be malleable).

My initial idea is pretty simple, and is not coincidentally a pretty blatant ripoff of my favorite podcast, <a href="">1UP Yours</a>. Basically, I've thought of a few topics of conversation, to be interspersed or made into segments as appropriate:<ul><li>A segment discussing what's new with podcast participants in the nerd world. What games they've played, movies they've seen, TV they've watched, books they read, cool shit they got, whatever. Basically you go in turn and everyone talks about whatever they've been doing, says how it was, makes recommendations (or not), and so on, while everyone else responds and/or gives them shit about it. It's fun, it's easy to come up with, and it's interesting to fellow nerds.<li>The news! (Meaning nerdy internet news, not <i>real</i> news.) Basically, this can be done one of two ways. To start with, everyone should gather up some interesting news stories they've seen (so if we were doing a podcast today, CES and the iPhone would top the list, for instance). Even people not on the podcast can use this forum to suggest stuff. From there, you can go one of two ways... either every person talks about whatever news they've got, or someone becomes the designated "news guy" and handles the stories while everyone discusses. (Either way, it might not be a bad idea to have a compiled "news list" that can be distributed to all the participants beforehand, so they have some idea what the hell everyone's talking about.)<li>Dowdnet news - this would probably go with the general news, but if there are any new features up, or any planned features for Dowdnet, I'd mention them here. Also, if there are any threads of particular note that warrant discussion, we could do that here (but since the podcast team will be like half the readership here, this may be pointless).<li>And finally, something else. While it's possible to get 2/3 of a show out of the aforementioned stuff, a.) it's difficult unless we're all really talkative and b.) it's kind of repetitive. I'm all for "the usual stuff," but having a segment dedicated to just whatever would be nice. I'd say this should be a topical discussion, with the topic discussed by the podcast participants and suggestions on this forum. Alternately, we could have special segments (e.g., I can interview my boss about being in an indie band, which is sure to be entertaining because he has a habit of shitting all over everything and everyone in interviews). Those would go here to.</ul>Well, that's what I've got as a starting point. If anyone has good ideas for alterations to these ideas, or new ideas (regular segments, different formats, or whatever), post them here. Oh, and if anyone really likes a particular podcast and thinks they're worth ripping off, post a link here for that too.

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Re: So... What Will The Podcast Be About? – January 13, 2007 10:20 PM (edited 1/13/07 5:20 PM)
Cuzzdog (1522 posts) Head of Gamer Corner R&D
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So... I’ve done a modicum of research here, and I do mean just a modicum, and I found out that, are both registered are “active”. By active I mean they have websites up, but clearly they haven’t updated in months.

Also, there is already a Nerd Heard Podcast. Again, it looks as if these guys went and just did a single episode and then stopped. Jerks.

I’ve come up with a backup name that I humbly submit: “Nerd News”. Has a nice bit of alliteration to it. There’s no podcast by the name. is registered, but not active. NerdNews.Net is available though, so this might be a good bet. Plus it still works with my tagline “All News Fit to be Nerdy”, which I like at least. Anyone have a better name in mind?

As far as topics go, I think we should focus on:
- Tech news/trend: Internet trends, new gadgets, latest viral videos...
- Multimedia: Video games, upcoming movies, indie music (??)

Here’s a suggestion, we could focus on an indie band for each show and play a clip of one of their songs for the intro and outro music.

What I disagree with Dowd on is the scope of the show. I don’t think that the show should necessarily include Dowdnet related information (such as new updates). If we’re going to do this I think we should go on with the assumption that someday we might, just possibly, get a listener. Using the show to announce new features just feels as if the show would be used as a vehicle for Dowd to trumpet his latest achievement. Not only would that not be of particular interest to outsiders, but I’m not sure how much anyone besides Dowd would get out of that.

I suggest that if we do this we should (eventually) have a dedicated webpage for the show. Dowdnet could be used as the forum for the show once Dowd get auto-registration up and running. Also, if we do plan on getting any kind of listeners, I think we really need to get the podcast up on iTunes.

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Re: So... What Will The Podcast Be About? – January 16, 2007 5:11 PM (edited 1/16/07 12:11 PM)
Talraen (2373 posts) Doesn't Play with Others
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Well, a few things. First off, the podcast shall be known as "The Gamer Corner Podcast." Second, intro music and any other music we may require, at least for now, will be provided by <a href="">Gee Davey</a>. There's one particular song intro I liked for podcast intro music (which in my experience is best when instrumental and understated), which I went and uploaded a quick <a href="/files/Burn_Intro.mp3">mp3</a> of for your listening pleasure. Although it's probably too long, and the band has offered to write something specifically for the podcast anyway, so we'll see what happens.

Now, I don't understand your logic about "if we have listeners, we don't want the show to be tied to the website." One would think that is <i>exactly</i> what we want, which is why the show shares a name with the site, will be hosted here, and so on. Making some new, separate site for the podcast seems incredibly pointless if I'm going to be producing it anyway.

Finally, there's the scope of the show. I don't know how much you know about tech trends or upcoming movies, but I know nothing. We are not journalists, we don't have any real news to divulge. All we really have are opinions, and there are plenty of informative podcasts out there that are better than ours could ever be for that purpose. For that reason, our podcast will be about entertainment, not news. I mean, there will be news, but it will be discussed, not reported.

This site is intended to be a kind of community, an "internet hang-out" for (as the name implies) gamers. The podcast should be a natural extension of that, because that's exactly the kind of podcast we're qualified to make. Which is why I mentioned site news and announcements... I want to integrate the podcast with the site, not create some entirely different animal.

Finally, I will be making an RSS feed for the podcast when it's actually being made, and I'd be happy to make it iTunes-compatible, but since I foresee more than a little Apple-bashing taking place, I'm not exactly jumping to put it up there. Still, we may as well.

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Re: So... What Will The Podcast Be About? – January 16, 2007 5:50 PM (edited 1/16/07 12:50 PM)
Balerion (1224 posts) Elite Powergamer
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Last time I checked you needed to have 6 episodes of a podcast before iTunes would host it. Not sure if this is still true.

I really think the three “!”s really captures the exuberance that Clair must have been feeling when he almost said it. -Cuzzo

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