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WoT Spoiler Policy (Really, This Time)

WoT Spoiler Policy (Really, This Time) – May 2, 2007 7:45 PM (edited 1/31/08 3:00 PM)
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EDIT: This forum is now for all books, not just the Wheel of Time, so I'm altering this point to acknowledge that. The spoiler policy still seems like a good idea in general, though (use full book names for books without an obvious abbreviation, or suggest them here, I guess).

There is at least one person here (Biggs) who, as of this writing, hasn't read all the books and actually cares about spoilers. So it would be much appreciated if, whenever you post something with spoilers in it, you include the name or abbreviation of the latest book spoiled in the subject. So if you have a book 4 spoiler, it might be "TSR: omg!" or "Book 4: wtf!" or "The Shadow Rising: omgwtf!" for those of you who are particularly verbose.

Anyway, if you do this, you don't need to use the spoiler or blackout tags - it's assumed that the whole post could be spoiler-ridden. You can if you want, but if you see "KoD: Mat is Awesome!" then don't read it if you don't want Knife of Dreams (book 11) spoiled. Oh, and obviously, don't put spoilers in the subject line. "TGH: Wow, Mat Blew the Horn of Valere!" is not an acceptable subject (except insofar as I don't care about spoiling book 2 Wink.

As a quick reminder, here's all the books and their accepted (and universally obvious) abbreviations (capitalization doesn't matter):

Prequel: New Spring (NS)
Book 1: The Eye of the World (TEOTW or EOTW)
Book 2: THe Great Hunt (TGH)
Book 3: The Dragon Reborn (TDR)
Book 4: The Shadow Rising (TSR)
Book 5: The Fires of Heaven (TFOH or FOH)
Book 6: Lord of Chaos (LOC)
Book 7: A Crown of Swords (ACOS or COS)
Book 8: The Path of Daggers (TPOD or POD)
Book 9: Winter's Heart (WH)
Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight (COT)
Book 11: Knife of Dreams (KOD)
Book 12: A Memory of Light (AMOL)

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