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Entitlement Argument Meets Real Life

Entitlement Argument Meets Real Life – July 17, 2007 7:22 PM (edited 7/17/07 3:22 PM)
Airclair (1096 posts) Doesn't Play Well with Others
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Someone said,
"Like I said before, if you have a OMGREAT party, then you should be allowed to kick other people out of camps. If you party is just above average at best… what’s the point? You aren’t going to kill or pull monsters at a rate that you will be above the other party. You’ll just screw up everyone’s exp."

Ah the entitlement argument. I use it better, therefore I deserve it.

Here is my response:
This thread actually made me laugh out loud yesterday on my commute home from work.

Boring story short I work in NYC and take the over-crowded subway home each night, usually pissed, annoyed, and really wanting to get my FF fix in. Last night was especially fun as I had my very first Dynamis run and I really wanted to be home.

So I get out of the subway and see the stairs. For anyone familiar with the 4/5/6 line in NYC it is a wide staircase that comfortably fits 4 people abreast. Typically in rush hour people going down the stairs will hug the right wall and the middle-right wall, sort of like the below picture (left direction = down, right direction=up):

<<<<<<<< A
>>>>>>>> B
<<<<<<<< C
>>>>>>>> D

So in our story I will illustrate myself as T staring up an empty down-lane while people shuffle slowly by me:


I think to myself, "Great, I will now sprint up the stairs, bypass this traffic, and be home even faster, yes!" Instead, this happens:


I was cut off by a Granny in a walker who proceeded to very slowly walk up the down-lane cutting off all traffic down and generally creating a huge mess. As I slowly shoved myself into the up lane:


This thread immediately popped into my head. Imagine, I thought to myself, how much more use I would've gotten out of the empty down-lane. I would've used it quickly, efficiently, and gained a huge benefit out of it. Now it is being wasted by this grandma, who is causing the people at the top to wait, and the people next to her to have to walk slower to avoid her. In short, a prime piece of real estate had been wasted because she had gotten there first, just like those awesome camps are wasted by dumb groups who got there first.

I didn't shove the grandma down not because I would get arrested, but because I'm a decent human being.

The moral of this story is:

Just because you can use something better, doesn't mean you are entitled to it. Those XP camps are there for everyone, not just the 25k/hr guys sprinting up the stairs, they're also there for PLD BLM groups that can't imagine what it's like to hit 75 on their first job (grandma).


Re: Entitlement Argument Meets Real Life – August 15, 2007 6:10 PM (edited 8/15/07 2:10 PM)
Draethor (651 posts) Captain Hook
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I'd love to see granny soloing some Marids. Smile

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