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Progress Quest in a 16-Bit FF Skin

Talraen's Review of Final Fantasy: All The Bravest (iOS) (Video Games)

If you enjoy 16-bit Final Fantasy graphics and collecting things, Final Fantasy All The Bravest is a solid investment of four dollars. The gameplay is basically nonexistant (watch a video on Youtube and furiously rub the screen and you'll have experienced the gamut), but I found it strangely compelling.

FFATB may (or may not) be fun, but it is a fundamental failure. The game is clearly designed for no purpose beyond selling DLC, and even I haven't bought any. If Square-Enix can't sell me on a pointless FF product, they have problems.

Still, as a game I enjoy FFATB's incredibly simple design. The combat that makes up the gameplay is mostly pointless, but the game tracks the characters, enemies, and gear you've unlocked, adding a (usually humorous) blurb to each, and lays out the information in such a way that it's easy to try to collect everything.

FFATB is nostalgia wrapped around increasing numbers. Depending on how cynical you are, you can call that lazy, or you can call it the distilled essence of retro RPGs. Either way, if you're an old-school Final Fantasy fan and like collecting stuff like I do, this is four dollars that you won't regret spending.

Score: C+

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