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Can't Argue With More Uncharted

Talraen's Review of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4) (Video Games)

All of the Uncharted games are great fun, and this one is no different. There isn't that much to say that I haven't said about the previous games, so I'll be brief. Once again, the story is a serviceable Indiana Jones clone, and the characters are great. The usual gang is here, plus Nathan's long-lost brother Sam, who is a fine addition to the cast. The gameplay is as good as ever, and lacks the massive difficulty spikes that made Uncharted 3 frustrating. And the game looks as phenomenal as ever on current-generation hardware.

There are a few new things in Uncharted 3 that are worth discussing. First, they've added a few new tricks to your climbing abilities. The grappling hook is pretty fun, less because it adds that much to the game than because it's so enjoyable to play with the physics of it. I'm still impressed at how you don't swing by pressing a button, but by walking off of a cliff and letting momentum take its course. You're also given some opportunities to swing during combat, which is risky but totally worth it because it's so awesome. They also added a climbing piton, which is a neat idea but contradicts the cardinal rule of Uncharted climbing: if you're reaching for it, it's safe.

The game also adds some vehicle sections, which are fine. Like earlier games, you spend the majority of the game with companions nearby, to fuel the ever-present (and ever enjoyable) banter. The thing I was most impressed about happened in a vehicle, though it didn't have anything to do with driving: Sully was telling an interesting (though not plot-relevant) story, and suddenly we came upon bad guys. Nate interrupted him to point them out, and I was disheartened because I knew the story was just cut off. But no! Once the new threat was gone, Nate asked Sully to continue, and he picked up the story. Awkwardly, I might add, making me think that this was not a canned scene but rather an actual story interruption and resumption mechanic.

Sony has not been shy about saying this is the last Uncharted game, at least starring Nathan Drake. While the story is the usual Uncharted "race against bad guys to follow clues and find the treasure/lost city" fare, they do a great job of making it emotionally satisfying. The game even has an epilogue, something I can't remember seeing before, which I can only describe as wonderful.

In the end, Uncharted 4 is an Uncharted game, and that means it's super fun and you should play it. I spent several set piece scenes with a giant grin on my face, getting the same feeling I get riding a roller coaster. This is just a thoroughly enjoyable game and I'd recommend it to anyone. But you should already be an Uncharted fan, and if you're not, I don't know what to tell you.

Score: A

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