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Oh those silly toys...

Airclair's Review of iPhone (Technology)

I don't really have much to say about the iPhone that hasn't already been said, but I'll give you my run down.

I've never met an Apple product I didn't fall in love with. Simply put, actually using the iPhone is a joy, and that's as easy as it is to justify the price tag. It has flaws (like for instance I can't find the Repeat One / Repeat All) but by and large actually finding things is amazingly intuitive. The graphical interface is fully integrated and amazing. The touch screen is so smart that the keyboard will produce garble on your screen and know that you meant to type "somewhere" even though it looks more like "zpnr2here". If you text a lot (like me) I would recommend whole heartedly that you drop what you're doing and buy the iPhone immediately, because it will make your life a hell of a lot less annoying.

About the price tag, it's got about $100 bloat on it. The 4gig isn't worth squat, especially if you want movies, but I'd say the phone was 100% worth it priced at $400/500 instead of $500/600.

The WiFi is fairly solid but I don't have anything available near my house, and the EDGE is overall average, but definitely not below average. It works fine, loads pages well, and you can navigate them very well. Text pages load lightning quick while graphical pages (especially those with Flash) are more of a nightmare. It won't replace whatever web browser you're looking at. The integrated e-mail is awesome beyond words, and the other little perks are awesome too. I've yet to check out the games, but I'm sure it will be interesting (I sure hope it is).

If EDGE gets upgraded (i think it's supposed to) the web browsing will scream.

Like I said I don't really have any awe inspiring or insightful comments. It's $100 more than it's worth in my estimation, but when you're paying 400/500 for a phone, what's another 20% for getting it right now.

That's all I've got, feel free to post actual questions in the chat.

Score: A-

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