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Superman Returns

Airclair's Review of Superman (Movies)

I am an utter, complete, hopeless Superman fanboi. You guys think I'm fanboi about Matrix, but it's only because Keanu is like Superman in the first one, and it only gets better (see: the 2nd one, where he actually is Superman, which is probably one of the reasons I like it so much).

I'm not going to bother giving a real, honest to God review of Superman until next week, when I've had a chance to see it again. I will say this - see it. Just...see it. See it on IMAX if you have anything like that on Long Island, but even if you can't, you owe it to yourself as geeks and dorks to see it.

I can't really describe it without going on a fanboi rant. Yes it's a bit too long, it's a little sappy, and you might not love the plot, but just watching him fly is all you need. I could watch 2 hours of him just flying. The look and feel of the film is that Superman is as real as the person sitting next to you, and he is there flying. You truly believe it, in every scene. It's amazing.

See it, and let me know what you guys think.
Superman Seems Real? Ha! – June 29, 2006 11:08 AM (edited 6/29/06 7:11 AM)
Talraen (2373 posts) Doesn't Play with Others
Rating: Not Rated
Dude, nothing about that movie seemed real at all. Real people have things like "multiple different emotions." Although I guess when Superman's only real feeling in the entire movie is "angst," he seems very real to a certain type of person. Wink

But maybe you're right about the flying thing. After all, when he's flying, he's not acting. Which is like all the other times, I guess, except it's OK in the air.

EDIT: Also, though it's not really logical or obvious, the "review subject" here is Superman Returns. The <i>title</i> is the title of the review. In this case, "omg superman is teh realz!11!!!!11!". Just FYI. Wink

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