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Peleps Kyrian

Male water-aspect terrestrial exalted
Exalted First Edition (The Pirate Campaign)

Physical Description

Kyrian was not a particularly imposing presence, standing just under six feet tall, but his breeding clearly stated his Dragon-Blooded nature. He was dark and battle-scarred, with dark hair and eyes and greenish-tinged skin. As a lifelong sailor and fighter, Kyrian was well-built, with a facial battle scar he was quite proud of, as it was nearly his only intimidating feature.

The Anathema

Reasoning that surely there had been some mistake, and Kayden was an unfortunate victim of some dark power, Kyrian was not prepared for what he found when he tracked down his sister. Had he considered it, he would have suspected she would find others like herself, for there was strength in numbers when one was hunted and feared. Yet he hadn't considered, and was shocked to find that the captain of the ship Kayden, under the assumed name of Scarlet Fox, was now sailing on was also anathema, though he was of the Lunar exalted. Kyrian would later learn that the assassin for hire traveling with them was a Solar as well. He quickly came to regret his promise to protect his sister - indeed, if anyone needed protection now, it was him!

Still, Kyrian was no fool, and he had fortunately taken the time to craft a cover story so no one in the Realm would come looking for him. Claiming to by Nykair, of the inferior house V'neef, Kyrian presented himself as an exile from the Realm, and enemy to the Empress. The anathema accepted his story, and Kyrian fought alongside them - alongside Kayden, in truth - biding his time for a way out.

Kyrian was surprised to learn that his hatred of anathema had not lessened, yet as time passed he found himself thinking of his Solar companions not as anathema, but as allies. The captain, however, was another story. Convinced that the captain's brash methods would make it all too clear that the ship was filled with anathema, and a traitorous ex-dynast with them, Kyrian plotted against the Lunar from the start. He was no fool, however - allies though they may have been, he could not survive with a group of anathema, or even be known to be their friends. He wracked his mind for a plan that could eliminate the anathema and free him from his self-inflicted imprisonment, without harming his sister.

It seemed Kyrian's opportunity had come at last when the group split their forces. Kayden, the assassin, and the sorcerer they had met in a fantastic manse at sea journeyed in another direction, leaving Kyrian and the brutish captain alone. He arranged for the captain to be taken care of, and continued with their fateful journey.

The day of the reckoning came at last, but Kyrian's new allies were frightened of the Lunar, and wanted to back out on their deal. Disgusted with these honorless dogs, Kyrian resolved to abort the assassination attempt until further notice. Within hours of reaching this fateful decision, the ship was intercepted by a Realm ship. With a sinking feeling, Kyrian knew he had to fight his own kind in order to survive this encounter.

But what happened on that fateful day was not what Kyrian expected. His Lunar companion fought valiantly at his side against what appeared to be a trio of Dynast warriors, even saving Kyrian from a killing blow. He realized that his hatred and unquestioning faith in the Immaculate teachings had blinded him to what was important, and he fought with a new resolve, hoping to rejoin his companions, this time truly one of them.

But it was too late. Though the first two Dynasts were defeated, the third was like nothing Kyrian had ever seen. He was no simple Immaculate Monk, for he used techniques Kyrian could scarecely comprehend, and it was by luck alone that he survived the encounter. His captain was not so lucky. Kyrian dove from the side of the ship, swearing to avenge the friend he had so recently been plotting to kill, waiting for a chance to strike.

It wasn't long before he realized he was hanging on to the hull of a ship, underwater, while he should board it. Why hadn't he boarded the ship already? The Dynasts were dead, and Kyrian could now take command. After all, this was a Realm ship, and was he not Dragon-Blooded? He instructed the crew to follow his ship, and returned to give the captain a proper funeral.

Kyrian had only just entered his cabin when he heard someone behind him. He didn't recognize the man at first, but as his blow landed and Kyrian's life began to fade, a flicker of recognition passed his eyes. How had he forgotten this man so quickly? Death took him before he could find an answer.

Statistics (show)

Life in the Realm

Kyrian never suspected growing up that he would one day consider a group of anathema as his allies. As a member of house Peleps, it was no surprise that Kyrian became a naval officer at a young age. Even so, his assignments never took him far from home, and thus when a cruel twist of fate threatened his family, Kyrian was right there in the middle of it.

On shore leave visiting his family, Kyrian's world was turned upside down when he discovered that his little sister Kayden, an embarrassment to much of the family for her lack of terrestrial traits but his favorite sibling, was anathema - a Solar exalted. He had always known that anathema were monsters to be feared, but then, he also Kayden was nothing of the sort. Teachings clashed with family ties in his mind, and finally Kyrian knew that he had no choice but to save his sister.

Using every resource available to him, Kyrian managed to help Kayden smuggle herself off of the Blessed Isle, promising her that he would come after her at the first opportunity. Plagued by the conflicting emotions of guilt and worry, it wasn't long before Kyrian left his post and fled the Blessed Isle himself.
Huh – April 13, 2006 4:32 PM (edited 4/13/06 12:32 PM)
Balerion (1224 posts) Elite Powergamer
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Well, this is partially just to test the comment feature, but I have to say that it's striking how few charms DBs get. I'm looking at Kyrian's charm selection and feeling impressed that he did so much with so little.

It's also the sort of thing that makes the gap between Solars and DBs so palpable - given the strength and cheap cost of Solar charms there is usually nothing as worthwhile to buy as the next charm in a tree, whereas for DBs there really is a major benefit to buying up stats.

Re: Huh – April 13, 2006 4:34 PM (edited 4/13/06 12:34 PM)
Talraen (2373 posts) Doesn't Play with Others
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Yeah, when I saw the number of charms I thought maybe this was his original character sheet or something, but no. It was especially striking when I pulled out Katsumoto's character sheet, in all its 24-charm glory.

Re: Huh – April 13, 2006 4:48 PM (edited 4/13/06 12:48 PM)
Balerion (1224 posts) Elite Powergamer
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Well, for that matter, are you sure this one is right? I only see 7 charms here and I could have sworn that DBs start with 8. Although perhaps it's lunars that start with 8. Argh, no books at work makes me very unhappy.

Regardless, Katsumoto having 24 is pretty damn impressive. He even had one or two custom charms, right? He was the one whom you thought about making a martial artist with Fire Dragon Style, right? But the decided on straight up Solar melee?

Re: Huh – April 13, 2006 4:57 PM (edited 4/13/06 12:57 PM)
Talraen (2373 posts) Doesn't Play with Others
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He had two custom charms - in fact, one reason I haven't posted him is because neither of them has a name. (Also, he wasn't all that interesting.) Aside from the 'net charms in the Blind Man's Sight tree, he had a generic melee perfect attack charm and a loosely defined charm that allowed him to take hits for allies in some unspecified fashion. Also, I miscounted, he had 23 charms and a combo, though he had two Ox-Body Techniques, so I guess that's still 24 (but 23 <i>unique</i> charms).

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