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Grey Mouser

Male human rogue 1
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (Tozzi's 4E Thought Experiment)


I've never read the books the Grey Mouser comes from, so I had to make a few assumptions about him (such as him being a human male). I went with rogue as the class because it seemed obvious, and chose Artful Dodger because it seemed more in line with Tozzi's description and took advantage of Charisma, a stat I imagined the Grey Mouser had in spades. With that in mind, I gave him 16 in both Dex and Cha. I then set his Int to 13 so he could multiclass wizard, and Str to 12 because the book suggested it was a good third stat (ignoring Int). However, after doing the stats, he doesn't really need Str for anything, and would probably benefit from more Int or Wis, or maybe Con, depending on the actual nature of the character.

For feats I gave him rapier proficiency since that's a key feat in making the sort of swashbuckling rogue I wanted, and the mage multiclass feat to give him that mage flavor. I chose ray of frost because all of the other wizard powers I could choose either relied on Wisdom in some way or just did damage, which the Grey Mouser is quite capable of already. Ray of frost can slow an enemy for a round (reducing their speed to 2), which could be useful for a trickster rogue like this. It also attacks Fortitude, which is nice because he's already got attacks against AC, Reflex, and Will. It's not an optimal feat choice, but it's not a complete waste either.

I focused on athletic and stealth type skills primarily, and then social skills as a secondary. I wanted to train him in Bluff, but I felt Perception and Insight were better fits (especially with his lack of a wisdom modifier). Still, he has acrobatics, athletics, and streetwise, which all seem vital to the character.

For gear I actually made a tough choice, giving him a hand crossbow instead of thieves' tools. You don't need tools in 4E (they give a +2 bonus if you have them), and honestly shuriken are a better ranged weapon for rogues, but they didn't seem in character so I said what the hell.

As for power selection, I eschewed only Riposte Strike among the at-will powers, since it relies somewhat on Strength and everything else is Dex and/or Charisma. Sly Flourish is his go-to ability, because it's bad ass. I took positioning strike as his encounter power again to take advantage of his Charisma, and because it plays into his whole swashbuckler/fancy pants duelist motif. The same goes for trick strike, though the fact that it does the most damage of any encounter power (especially with a rapier) is nice too.

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